Experiencing Buffering/Freezing or Lagging on your Amazon Firestick

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4KS have 2 Services to offer.


Full UK Sky & Virgin Style with PPV, Live Events, Adult, Sports , Movies plus Series.


Our Fully Worldwide Packages (Request bespoke channels by Language or Countries) with PPV, Live Events, Adult, Sports, Movies plus Series.

**Please note**

Connections are based at 1 location not multiple locations.

Trail is once not repeated

Real Email address are required, if incorrect / fake then services will be void without refund.



If you experience buffering 9 times out of 10 the issue is with the user.
1. Restart the app and clear the cache of it
2. Use a different player (VLC, MX etc)
3. Try a different channel, if that channel plays fine then it is a channel issue so report that issue #general – if it still buffers move to step 4
4. Reboot your router
5. If there is a whole system issue, 9/10 I will know already. 99% of the time this solves the issue with buffering
Amazon Firestick Clearing up
To Clear cache
Managed applications
Click the specified app Clear cache
After this please do a force close
Recommended Apps to have on your Amazon Firestick, Download in Amazon store
Background apps & Process list
This App will close all apps playing in the background and whatever is being processed.


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